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Hiker Tips

Hiking Levels


  • Easy
  • Up to 5 mi
  • Little elev.
  • trails, suitable for beginners


  • Easy to Moderate
  • ~ 5–8 mi
  • < 1000' gain
  • trails, relaxed pace, liberal rest stops


  • Moderate
  • ~ 5–10 mi
  • 1000–2000'
  • poss. off trail, scrambling or high altitude, mod. pace


  • Moderate to Strenuous
  • ~ 10–15 mi
  • 1000–3000'
  • steep grade, cross country, hands on, fast pace


  • Strenuous
  • ~ 12–20 mi
  • 2000–5000'
  • demanding pace, exper- ienced hikers


  • Very Strenuous
  • > 15 mi
  • 5000'+ gain
  • off trail, high alt., hands on, exposure, fast pace

The Ten Essentials

    1. Map of the area

    2. Compass

    3. Flashlight w/ spare battery and bulb

    4. Sunglasses, sunscreen

    5. Extra food and water

    6. Extra clothing, raingear, hat, mittens, sweater, etc.

    7. Waterproof packed matches

    8. Candle for fire starting

    9. Pocket knife

    10. First Aid Kit

No Trace Principles

    Plan ahead and prepare

    Travel and camp on durable surfaces

    Dispose of waste properly

    Leave what you find

    Minimize campfire impact

    Respect wildlife

    Be considerate of other visitors

Pet Policy

Dogs are generally not permitted on our outings, unless otherwise stated in the write-up. Watch for these

DOK= Dogs OK
DL= Dogs limited, check with leaders
ND= No dogs. Local government leash laws apply

Outings: Group Size & Limits

In compliance with the mandatory bylaws for all Chapters of the Sierra Club, the Outings Committee of the Southern Nevada Group of the Toiyabe Chapter has developed and adopted the following policy regarding group size and environmental impact

1. Number of Particants
Participants in a Sierra Club outing groups shall be limited to 20 to 25 people if the outing follows an established trail. Outings which are cross-country, off-trail (where no other alternatives exist) shall be limited ot 10 to 15 people.

2. Leaders Discretion
Each leader shall evaluate his/her outing and use discretion as to whether the number should be limited further depending on risk and environmental/social impact. Limits lower than those established by the Outings Committee to be posted in the hike description.

This policy was discussed and adopted unanimously on April 21, 1999

Hike Hotline (363–3267)

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