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Pyramid Lake, 2010.
Pyramid Lake, Nevada  (D. Ghiglieri).

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Public Lands Alert Toiyabe Chapter Action Alert: Hands Off Our Public Land
  • "Hundreds rally in favor of protecting access to public lands" - Santa Fe New Mexican
  • "Five hundred rally against land transfer" - Great Falls (Montana) Tribune
What has these westerners so worried?  What’s happening in Nevada? You already know?  — then go to here.

No TrespassingState takeover of public lands — background.

Throughout the west, including Nevada, conservative lawmakers are introducing bills demanding that the federal government turn over public lands to the states. These are lands specifically reserved for all the people of the United States.These are the places where we go to enjoy our wild Nevada: where we hike, bike, hunt, fish, camp, and explore. These are places critical for wildlife, for clean water supplies, for conserving our natural resources. For many of us, these public wild lands are the reason we love the Silver State.

In Nevada, the 2013 Legislature ordered a task force to "study the feasibility" of transferring federal lands to state or private ownership.  The task force report, completed last summer, lays out a plan to transfer federal lands to the state that could limit access to public lands, degrade wildlife habitat and other natural resources, and probably cost our state plenty of money.

Lands slated for transfer include areas used by all of us for outdoor recreation.  Restricting public use of these lands would severely impact the billions in consumer spending and state and local taxes contributed by outdoor recreation.
Nevada has a poor history of keeping lands in public hands. At statehood, the state was given 2.7 million acres. It sold and traded its way down to 3,000 acres today. If our public lands end up in state hands, will they just be sold to the highest bidder, including mining and oil interests?

The task force underestimates the costs of wild horse management and fighting wildfires- currently two of the BLM's biggest costs. Do they really think our cash-strapped state can afford to fight fires on millions of acres of state and private land- fires that are becoming larger and more frequent? 

Action: Urge your state legislator to vote no on SJR 1

SJR 1 "Urges Congress to enact legislation transferring title to certain public lands to the State of Nevada in accordance with the report prepared by the Nevada Land Management Task Force."

Contact your representative: 

Your personal comment on this bill will help make a difference.  The Nevada Legislature's website makes this VERY easy. Go to the link below, enter SJR1 or chose from the drop-down list; check the "against" button; make a comment about why you oppose SJR1; give your name and address so they can deliver your comments to your own representative.

In addition, you can email your own senator and representative asking them to vote NO on SJR1 and encourage your friends to do so:

"Pack the committee room" in Carson City

Lawmakers pay attention when people care enough to show up.

The Senate Committee on Legislative Operations and Elections will consider SJR1 on Monday, March 2 at 3:30 PM.  SJR1 is the first item on the agenda.
  • Carson City:  Room 2144 of the Legislative Building, 401 S. Carson St., Carson City
  • Las Vegas: Videoconferenced to Room 4412E of the Grant Sawyer State Office Building, 555 E. Washington Ave., Las Vegas,
  • Elko: Videoconferenced to Modular Conference Room, Chilton Circle, Great Basin College, 1500 College Pkwy, Elko
Chapter Chair David von Seggern will testify against the bill. Let's pack the committee rooms to support David and oppose the bill.

No need to testify, you can just show up, sign in and mark on the sign-in sheet that you are opposed to SJR1, and listen to the committee hearing.

Let's show up and fight this effort to take our public lands!

Check out our information-packed handout on public lands in Nevada — download and circulate to friends:
Celebrate the Creation of Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument
Tule Springs BannerOn December 19th, 2014 the 22,630 acre Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument was signed into law. The National Park Service (NPS) will be coming to a meeting of the "Protectors of Tule Springs" to explain the next steps in designing and opening our new National Monument, the Tule Springs Fossil Beds! Find out more by clicking on the image.
"...radicals trying to sell off our public bounty for their private gain."
Sportsmen recognize the threat of the current move to sell off the public lands to the States/Counties: Sporting Classics Daily (8/27/14) Fly Fishing: Public Land & Water at Risk
Las Vegas Review Journal: Nevada panel’s land control move killed "Assemblyman Paul Aizley, D-Las Vegas, chairman of the Legislative Committee on Public Lands, said Thursday he would not consider any proposed measures dealing with the transfer of federal lands to the control of the state..." Jean Whaley, Las Vegas Review-Journal)
Chapter Opposes giving Public Lands to State
Toiyabe Chapter Opposes Transfer of Federal Lands to State of Nevada, as Proposed in Nevada's AB227 Legislation.  More ...