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Pyramid Lake, 2010.
Pyramid Lake, Nevada  (D. Ghiglieri).

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News and Actions

Celebrate the Creation of Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument
Tule Springs BannerOn December 19th, 2014 the 22,630 acre Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument was signed into law. The National Park Service (NPS) will be coming to a meeting of the "Protectors of Tule Springs" to explain the next steps in designing and opening our new National Monument, the Tule Springs Fossil Beds! Find out more by clicking on the image.
"...radicals trying to sell off our public bounty for their private gain."
Sportsmen recognize the threat of the current move to sell off the public lands to the States/Counties: Sporting Classics Daily (8/27/14) Fly Fishing: Public Land & Water at Risk
Las Vegas Review Journal: Nevada panel’s land control move killed "Assemblyman Paul Aizley, D-Las Vegas, chairman of the Legislative Committee on Public Lands, said Thursday he would not consider any proposed measures dealing with the transfer of federal lands to the control of the state..." Jean Whaley, Las Vegas Review-Journal)
Hal Klieforth Memorial set for Idlewild Park in Reno
Harold Klieforth was a recognized expert on the weather and clouds of the Sierra Nevada and a long-time Sierra Club member and leader.  See his obituary here.  Contact Bill Albright for details on his memorial.
Club's Southern Nevada Group makes key Endorsements
Chapter readies for next Chapter/Group Elections
Contact your Chapter or Group Chair for more information.  (Click on Chapter Officers in the right panel)
Chapter Elects New Officers
Find the new slate of Chapter Officers here.

State District Court  rules in SNWA Water Grab Appeal by GBWN/ White Pine County

Judge Robert Estes issued a ruling in favor of appellants (the Great Basin Water Network and White Pine County).  More information on the ruling can be seen here.  [The Sierra Club was represented in the case by the GBWN.]

Sage Grouse Initiative

Substantial Sage Grouse habitat exists on private lands throughout its current range.  The Natural Resource Conservation Service (a US agency) has helped organize the "Sage Grouse Initiative" to bring together ranchers, and conservationists and hunters to address improving habitat for Sage Grouse.  Check it out at
or see the facebook page:
Chapter Opposes giving Public Lands to State
Toiyabe Chapter Opposes Transfer of Federal Lands to State of Nevada, as Proposed in Nevada's AB227 Legislation.  More ...
Proposed Transfer of BLM and USFS Lands to Washoe County for development including a plan to dispose of all public lands in a 20 to 30 mile radius of downtown Reno.
Washoe County will host four informal public drop-in meetings concerning the potential transfer of public lands in the County from the federal government to the State of Nevada.

WHO:  Washoe County residents are encouraged to come to a meeting to learn about what is being proposed and why, and ask questions and provide input on the potential transfer of public land in the County from the federal government to the State and/or local government.  Background information is available on the county website at

WHAT:  Four drop-in public meetings to satisfy the requirements of Nevada Assembly Bill 227 (Nevada Land Management Task Force) and potential federal legislation.

WHERE: Washoe County Administrative Complex, 1001 East 9th Street (9th & Wells), Building A in the “Atrium” outside the Commission chambers.

WHEN:  Friday Nov. 8 any time from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. and 4 p.m.-6 p.m.

             Friday Nov. 15 any time from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. and 4 p.m.-6 p.m.

For information on this event, please contact Bill Whitney, Washoe County Director of Planning and Development at (775) 328-3617.
Las Vegas may soon have a new national monument Recently introduced legislation is awaiting Congress' approval to designate 23,000 acres full of Ice Age fossils and rare plants as the Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service.  Take action: contact your congressional representatives today.
Upper Truckee River Restoration starting
The US Forest Service will begin work to restore 297 acres along the Upper Truckee River adjacent to the airport.  See article:
Partial ruling favors TRPA in Regional Plan lawsuit (Lake Tahoe News) The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency on Monday won a partial decision in federal court ... (story here)
Sage Grouse of the Sagebrush Sea need Protection Chapter Volunteers have worked for over a decade to see Sage Grouse return to their status as dominate game bird of the Sagebrush Sea.  The threats to the bird's once widespread habitat now need protection as endangered species to stop their decades long population slide and start their recovery. Click for Chapter positions and recomendations. 
TRPA Planning appears to weaken thresholds to protect Tahoe's water clarity and environment
  • Weakened Environmental Plan for Lake Tahoe Challenged in Court.

    [See article in Carson City Paper, The Nevada Appeal.
     See Opinion in the North Lake Tahoe Paper, Sierra Sun.
     See Opinion in the Reno News and Review.]

    Note to TRPA lawsuit to Toiyabe Chapter members.
    Press Release: 12-12-12  Local jurisdictions given authority to approve commercial development.  "Lake Tahoe took a body blow today, ..."
  • "The" Lake is threatened by the unilateral action of Nevada to puLake Tahoe - Clarity needs to be protected.ll-out of the TRPA.  Tahoe is one unique place on earth and can only suffer if we go back to the 1960's free-for-all speculation pushed by Tahoe's city governments, 5 different county governments, and 2 state governments.  We need a strong TRPA to set the limits to protect the Lake's water clarity and environment.  The public has invested hundreds of millions in protection; let's not destroy Tahoe's clarity through a return to short-term thinking.  See what you can do in 2013 ... More ...

  • The Club has won a victory to make the TRPA protect and restore the lake's famed clarity.  More ...
  • TRPA sinks lakeshore environment with piers & buoys; threatens lake’s clarity, lawsuit filed. More...
  • Over 17 lakes and reservoirs in California and Nevada are already infested with Quagga and Zebra mussels.  The damage is in the billions of dollars.  Clogged water intake pipes.  Boat engines ruined.  Beaches made unusable by razor sharp shells and a horrible stench. Irreversible damage to native species and habitat.  Don’t let Tahoe be next. (Find out how)

Press Release: New Fuel Efficiency Standards Will Reduce Pollution, Spur Innovation and Reduce Dependence on Foreign Oil Nevada conservation groups are welcoming new fuel economy rules that will almost double the efficiency of cars and trucks over the next 13 years. The move is expected to reduce pollution and dependence of imported foreign oil and spur innovation by vehicle manufacturers.  [More...]
Sierra Club seeks to shut down the Reid-Gardner
Coal Plant
Las Vegas Channel 8: I-Team: Paiute Tribe Partners With Environmentalists to Close Power Plant   "... Sometimes, the fumes or gases that roll over the Moapa Reservation are invisible, detectable only by their gag-inducing odor...."  Click to see news story by George Knapp.
Thousands respond to BLM
  • Thousands of people have let the BLM know that they do not support granting a pipeline right-of-way to the Southern Nevada Water Authority.  Thanks to all who have written and taken action.
  • Sierra Club & GBWN slams water grab ruling by State Engineer:   'News that Nevada State Engineer Jason King granted the Southern Nevada Water Authority rights to pump up to 83,988 acre-feet of the groundwater from four eastern Nevada valleys drew a swift and stern response from pipeline opponents, who called the ruling “excessive and ill-considered.” '  More ...

  • Will the Nevada State Engineer, Jason King, decide to grant water applications filed by the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) for its groundwater mining project in eastern Nevada?  The Engineer could approve all, some, or none of SNWA's applications.  His decision is due sometime in March, 2012.       (More ... )
Wild Horses:
Watch the Global Temps since 1880's
Global temperature animation of actual temperatures from 1880's to today - watch.
Will Federal Study Save Great Basin Nat'l Park?
Will the study results come too late to save the Great Basin National Park is the question confronting Sierra Club leaders and local residents and Park-supporters?  More...
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