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Celebrating the Toiyabe Chapter's 50th Anniversary

One of many waterfalls in Nevada's Ruby Mountains in the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest

Preserving Lake Tahoe was a goal early on in the Chapter's history.  The Chapter
worked hard for  the  creation of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency which
was  created  in 1969.  (© DLG).

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How to make your contribution to our 50th!

Sierra Club outings -- including some of our great programs and meetings -- remind us of fun times and special events in our lives we enjoyed with our Sierra Club friends.  Now is a chance to share those special memories or photos with all your Club friends.

Whether you've been a Sierra Club member for a year or 50 years (or more), we would like you to share your memories and photographs with us for our 50th anniversary year. 

It's easy.

Click the email link below to send a paragraph or two about an outing or event you remember and would like to share.  Our '50th Anniversary Team' will add them to our 50th Anniversary Celebration web page and publish some of them in the Toiyabe Trails newsletter over the next year.

And ... don't just limit yourself to words.  Yes, we'd love to have photographs that you send to us electronically. (If you have photos, but can't send them electronically, let us know in your story message what kind of photo you have (print, slide, negative) and we'll contact you via email to see how we might be able to receive a copy of your photograph so that we can make an electronic version.)  Please be sure to send your full name and email address so that we may contact you if we decide to publish in our newsletter.

Yes, I've I got a Sierra Club story to talk about or photos to share on the web and in the Toiyabe Trails Newsletter.

Creation of Red Rock National Conservation Area was key Chapter victory  in 1990.
The NCA has been expanded several times since then.   (© DLG).

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