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Ranch Land in Lincoln County and White Pine County often depends on Regional Springs for Irrigation.  Pumping impacts on Springs could be severe.

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Rural Residents Livelihoods and Environmental Impacts in Southern and Eastern Nevada Could be Severe

Sixteen years ago rural eastern Nevadan's were dealt a blow.  Las Vegas' Water Agency applied for more than a hundreds new well locations with plans to pump large amounts of water from eastern Nevada and export it to the city.  After sitting on the applications since 1989, the water agency (now consisting of all Clark County water agencies called the "Southern Nevada Water Authority", or SNWA) has applied to the US Bureau of Land Mangement for the right to build, on your public land, hundreds of miles of pipelines and powerlines as well as pumping stations and roads and other facilities. The BLM is getting ready to develop the Environmental Impact Statement on the pipeline network.  Except for approximately 8900 acre-feet of water rights granted in January 2005 to SNWA, the State Engineer has not yet approved the majority of the pending water rights applications.  A hearing is set for September 11 in Carson City on SNWA applications in Spring Valley in on the west side of Great Basin National Park. (See a more complete background here on the water export plans of SNWA)

  • At risk:  endemic fish, wildlife, and plants from water exportation and pipelines.
  • Groundwater Factoids  -- from the 2004 Groundwater Workshops sponsored by PLAN and the Sierra Club
  • Video (VHS) Available!  Lessons for Nevada - 2004.Remember Owens Valley?  Owens Valley: The Making of a wasteland - 1989
  • Rural Water Road Tour 2004 -- Experience the "No Pumps and Pipelines 2004 Road Tour" here and see our visit with the rural residents of Lincoln and White Pine Counties and why their water is threatened from SNWA pumping and exportation plans