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Springs in Lincoln and White Pine Counties support a large percentage of the areas agriculture
Smog shrouds Las Vegas and the scenic mountains to the west in this 2005 photograph.  Clear desert  air in the Valley is fast becoming a memory with the explosive growth.


Below is the SNWA's description of its proposed action to build hundreds of miles of pipelines and drill up to 195 wells to pump up to 180,000 acre-feet of water from rural eastern Nevada.  This unprecedented proposal in the driest state of the union will undoubtedly have long term and far reaching implications for all Nevadans.  The information which follows is reproduced from the BLM mailing since the official BLM website is "offline" so the information is not otherwise available.  If you want to print a map, please click on the map for a full scale version; the map should print acceptably on  8.5" X 11" paper using a color printer.

Coyote Springs Valley Basin Description and Map