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Fall leaves in Lake Tahoe Creek  (NV State Park) Water Exportation for Urban Sprawl
The Sierra Club's Washoe Project: Keep Washoe Wild by protecting our public lands and open space
Water Returns to Eastern Sierra's Owens River
Coal-fired Power Plants

Protection for Special Places

Springs connected to the carbonate aquifer supply water to rural residents, wildlife, and recreation throughout eastern and southern Nevada
Springs support rural residents and wildlife in Nevada

 Wildflowers near Mina, Nevada in mid-May 2005.

"There's a remoteness to the spread of land across eastern Nevada that seems to be an indulgence, a fast-receding luxury in this day of easy access. The mountains and valleys here, the hills and trees, the old buildings, life itself, take on a precious timelessness that can only be enjoyed far from the concrete activities of modern-day man. It is heartening to discover places that have been overlooked or that have not completely yielded to that omnivorous conceit called progress. An early November morning found me wandering through endless stands of juniper above Clover Valley, listening to a lyrical silence and delighting in the knowledge that the jet planes speeding across the sky high overhead could never land nearby.

Such remoteness can certainly mean isolation and loneliness, but it can also foster a pleasant sense of seclusion and intimacy. Many of the little valleys first settled by the Mormons over 100 years ago still offer refuge from the overpowering vastness that characterizes this countryside."

NEVADA: Land of Discovery by David and Robert O. Beatty, published by the First National bank of Nevada, 1976, p. 61

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